theBalm INSTAIN ;-)

theBalm instain Long-Wearing Powder Staning Blush ,are very rich and true to-pan color pay off.The texture is soft and finely-milled but not chalky at all,it can blend easily if u use a soft hand while applying it,staying power is incredible and long lasting.
theBalm Argyle Instain Long-Wearing Powder Staining Blush,it is described as "petal pink"

theBalm Lace Instain Long-Wearing Powder Staining Blush

theBalm Argyle Instain Long-Wearing Powder Staining Blush(the qukickest way to make u blush) 

theBalm Lace Instain Long-Wearing Powder Staining Blush(the fastest way to a flirty flush)

Both with flash light!!

These are  exceptionally long-wearing and incredibly pigmented! 
It can be a little tricky to apply them and blend out to just the right intensity, especially if you want to wear it as a softer wash of color...:) so be carefull while applying !!(it gives u 5.5g of product)

Body shop Puff on radiance !

Body shop Puff on radiance from Lilly Cole collection , got this few months back ,from local store of body shop.
Shimmer is my weakness i love every thing that glitters or have shimmer in it,when i go for any party  i love to shimmer puff all over my body specially on my neck , i used alot of scented creams for it which has glitter in it ,and i think i like the cream base formula more than that bcz in cream base glitter lasts for very long time,
It has no scent at all which is a bad factor in it and shimmer dosen't last as long as i want :(
 For me this product is not for face at all i think  highlighter on my face is best instead of this.
Pearls are in different colors, pinks and peach  some pale yellow as well.
The puff inside is so pretty and soft which is only thing i love in it.
overall im not that much impressesd with it.
It gives u 46g of product

i give C+ to this product
xoxo happy visit yumm:)

yummmmmmmmmm ;)
enjoyed alot each and every single moment in that fantasy candy shop , i was  truly like a kid runing round round for eating those candiess,buyed this bucket just cz ov wriiten candylicious,it was fun all around ;) and many yummy thingzz!!

tree of candiesss looks like fantasy though :)


Too faced Pinch my petals ,,,,:)

You are making me blush :)
Blush is my weakness i love blush on apple of my cheeks ,here i am reviewing "Too faced blush in Pinch my Petals"
Its a beautiful matte mauve pink blush ,texture of blush is not chalky at all  u can easily blend it and clr pay off is not too feel like blossom on ur cheeks ,loving it ...:)
 Packaging is super cute lil mirror inside also on above too faced written,card board  with pink polka dots and the opening is magnetic not like benefit gives u 6.69 g of product.i use it with my RT (blush brush)my favourite...!

i give it...B+

My thoughts on Too faced loose powder with Rt (Powder brush )...!!

Applying Powder on your face is a puff because it really presses the powder onto the skin to set the makeup .It’s always safest to pick a translucent powder over a colored one unless your powder shade and your foundation shade match perfectly because they’re the same brand.
Too faced primed & poreless powder is a translucent powder, it minimize ur pores also and u will not feel
cakey at has no smell and the texture is very smoth...and u will feel ur skin is very smoth now.The big benefit of a  translucent powder is it really prevent oil on ur face to come back and tone down so impressed with Too faced products . Beautiful packaging in light pink color and the design carving in metalic gold enhances the beauty of it.

It gives u 4.5 gm of product !

When u open the lid , flip the loose powder upside down so a small amount sprinkles into the catcher it has a rotating cover in it  so u can  use as much product as u need and then secure back by rotating.

A Big Fluffy Powder Brush is best to use ,Pick one that is spherical instead of compressed and flat-ish, because you won’t be able to flare it out when you stamp it if it’s flat. i love my RT (powder brush). The bristels of brush are super soft i usually  dip the brush ,then tap the brush to release any excess powder and stamp the brush over areas that i want to tone down shine, i like to stamp the powder instead of sweeping!!
i'm in  love wid both of these products!!

Dior foundation review

Recently i bought this Christian Dior foundation (30 ml)
Its Dior Skin Forever flawless Perfection foundation sunscreen, with SPF 25 a good thing because u really need a foundation which have a good SPF in it!!!!
 I have a acne prone skin and also have blemishes on my skin i usually make 2 coats of this foundation but it looks like my second skin dosenot cake my skin at all ,its really very hydrating foundation and your skin can breath easily underneath....
It is really awesome ;)

The packaging is very good ,it comes with a pump so u can get a proper amount of foundation which u want to apply and rest of ur foundation not gonna mess at all,my shade is 020  ;)

One pump on my arm


I love to use it with my RT face (expert brush ) for a flawless airbrushed look !!


Every body love the buttery skin n when u love to have why not try theeeee....
  Soap and Glory Righteous Butter!!!
Itxx super awsum the smell is too good not like butter at all  and not greasy at all .Once u apply it it absorbs fast and u will feel velvet soft skin as this product claim's. Packaging is super cute in with love pink color ;)

                               super cute packaging...;)


                            texture like butter :) yummm

I will give this product A+ share ur thoughts if u guys did try this and if u didnt then i will say d'nt miss it just go n grab ;)                                                   xoxo

Wedding moments:)

My wedding photoshoot experince with fine art weddings by irfan ahson was magical ...;) 

Sehr khosa made a perfect princess gown for me and irfan ahson filled the magic in it :)
Every girl has a dream to have a great photographer for her wedding and luckly i got mine too ..i was super excited and enjoyed alot each and every click.... u guys also take a glance on some of my pix ;) 

                                       All  these are saloon shoots !!!


DD- Allechant(by sehr khosa)

Jewlery - aks jewlers :)


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