Let's Step into a field of florals ,with Stila Field of Florals Convertible Color Dual Lip & Cheek Palette. This 12-pan palette contain stilas most popular convertible lip & cheek colours for spring~summer!!
All 12 shades have a petal-soft texture that is super easy to blend in and produces a dewy finish to your skin with just the right amount of colour.Stila's ingenious lipstick and blush-in-one proves irresistible. Non-greasy, this creamy, sheer tint adds a natural glow to the cheeks while lips bloom with fresh, radiant color.

  • (L-R) Lillium: Soft pinkish nude
  • Camellia: Soft orange-beige
  • Gladiola: Warm orange
  • Gerbera: Soft nude peach
  • (L-R) Magnolia: Soft pinkish brown
  • Peony: Soft peachy-pink
  • Peach Blossom: Soft pink-peach
  • Petunia: Soft rosy pink
  • (L-R) Tulip: Raspberry pink
  • Rose: Warm rosy pink
  • Hibiscus: Warm pinkish red
  • Fuchsia: Bright hot pink

I'm so much impressed by this palette totally in love  ,These colors transition so well from lip to cheek colors, even the bolder colors when blended down to a softer finish produce dewy, very wearable color for your cheeks. This palette gives you every color you would need to create a beautiful, harmonious look for your lips and cheeks. you can also mix two colors with each other to make a new color .The colors have amazing lasting power and hold up their end of the bargain even on lips as they leave a pretty stain behind even after eating and drinking. I am SO glad I picked this up because it is so convenient and the variety of colors can’t be beat. I love the look of dewy, glowing skin with natural color it makes u look naturally blushing or sun kissed glow and this palette has been my go-to for helping me achieve that. this palette is no longer avalible but u can buy some shades in full size from sephora .!!
with love

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