phisyogel 14 day challenge update ...!

PHYSIOGEL  understands that the key to soft , smooth , moisturised skin is a healthy moisture barrier , it carries Bio mimic technology an antioxidant complex and broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection to help skin to protect from envoirmental damage , repair the skin moisture barrier so that skin become soft , smoth and less sensitive .
PHYSIOGEL was kind enought to send me their products to give them a try i tested all their stuff you can read my orevious blog post here : Physiogel blog post  i really liked physiogel hypoallergenic (Daily defence proactive day cream ) RICH -For dry /very dry sensitive skin so em going to do detail review on that ,i use it almost every single day the cream  is amazing. It doesn't absorb like most of creams but moisturizes my skin longer than any other brands. It does not clog my pores and it is very very gentle. It give the hydration my skin needed although sometimes it makes my skin a bit oily (but not that much, so no big deal) also seems to calm down my skin if I get the monthly little breakout or if my skin gets rough from the cold winters. wrinkles from dehydration disappear in seconds after I apply this baby and if I have flaky parts on my skin from actives or heating it gets rid of it so quickly. I also like to use it under foundation but only if I have time to let it sink in (it can make you look shiny) after I apply it on damp skin.... After using it quite a while it's noticeable that my skin is much more tolerant to the changing weathers, sweats and makeup products (especially powdery ones). Definitely makes skin much soft and smooth when the stinging sensation is gone when u first apply it,th e consistency is not runny at all so u can give a good massage on your face .
You can purchase this at any good pharmacy at very reasonable price . Are you going to take the 14 day challenge as i did , u must i say ☺ and then let me know in comments how it worked for ya 😉
* I also liked the night version but i use many other creams and oils as my night routine ,!

Phisyogel 14 day skin moisture challenge !!

Beautifying your skin is every women goal , if you have clear ,clean and fresh skin you barely need any makeup to hide your imperfections , for skin its very important to choose right products regarding your skin texture,  for best and maximum results keep in mind to always read ingredients on product box that it dnt carry any harmful content which may cause you allergic reaction over your skin , i always prefer to use products that are dermatologist tested or recommended by them ...
Phisoygel is the leading brand for sensitive skin and recommended by dermatologist. About 1 in 2 women in the Asia-Pacific reported about skin sensitivity and one in three women experience facial redness issues in a study conducted by GSK in collaboration with AC Nielsen. Skin sensitivity is actually more common than you think and probably most women don’t even realise that they actually had sensitive skin. Most importantly, knowing your skin well means you need to be more careful of the products and treatments you are using on your skin. Not only that there are a lot of factors that can trigger and cause skin sensitivity!
Gsk and phisyogel was kind enough to send me their products as (p.r) sample to begin a 14 day challenge , they sent me their Daily defence proactive day cream ,Daily defence replenshing night cream , Daily moisture therapy and Daily moisture therapy body lotion ...
phisyogel launched bio mimic technology which works naturally with your skin to repair and strength its moisture barier , let see how it worked
Daily defence proactive day cream : My skin is so much dry that it tend to flake in winters but my t zones are lil bit oily so i get  acne on my face as well after using it two weeks my skin feels really calm and much more hydrated through this rough and tough winter breeze ... skin is less flaky and i can see the dry patches just gone which is great for my foundation to get smooth over my skin ...
Daily defence replinshing night cream : Night time is very great for skin care regime to absorb all the goodness ... its the best time when your skin restore its moisture , the consistency is not too much  runny of this cream also its not greasy at all ... in morning after washing my face it felt baby soft smooth radiant ..
Daily moisture therapy and daily moisture body lotion:  I mostly use them after taking hot showers for intense results.. as they are tend to much more hydrated and oily ...
Final verdict after 14 day challenge : I  felt that my skin is calmed and my skin itchiness due to dry skin is more tolerable , my skin feels so soft and makeup went on my face amazingly , no flaky makeup entire day my skin started to lock moisture better than before ,.. only i got itchy and redness after getting sweat but its normal for me ,,overall i am pleased and happy with this stuff ... my most favorite was the day cream its perfect to use in gym tym banggg :)
Go ahead and buy this amazing stuff if u have sensitive \dry skin ( * its a PR sample but my opinion is honest )

Desi wedding style !

As a pakistani weddings are  most loved event for us , brown people often use to have a blast on their weddings full of colors happiness,joy and fun !!!
weddings here in pakistan are very traditional we look forward for mehndi ,barat and walima ... and for thos womens are truly into their clothes , jewlery , shoes and ofcourse makeup with gorgeous hairstyles for some reason i think hairstyle is veryyyy important for any event if your wearing minimal makeup , these days weddings are not just on part of camera its in social media and simple blow dry or straight hair dont work  as for i have gathered some suggestions for guys to knock A wedding  also for getting your hair instyle you surely have to take alot of good care of your hair oiling on weekly basis and choosing and good shampoo , conditioner and hair mask can surely make them thick and long !!
Mehndi : Its a main event i guess now in any wedding lots of dances , dholki and bright colors for this im sure u dnt wanna get boring hairstyle , if ur wearing matha pattis or flower jewlery give your hair a bombshell curls or beachy waves like Vs models so while dancing not only u flow on floor but your hairs as well 
Barat : Ahhh my love for this event is true its such a emotional day ...mixture of love and tears , so if u are going traditional like wearing saree on this event a light updo with ornaments in it will be perfect or a side braid with open hair loose curls will surely enhance the beauty 
Walima : For me walima is modren type , wearing a beautiful gown with french braids pearls hanging in it will be so classy ... or hollywood waves  will look gorgeous !!
(note : hairstyling need lots of spraying , gel and backcombing , which can cause damage so make sure to use good conditioner and hairmask after wash )
 You can also take a look on new sunsilk add where model and actress hania amir carrying all beautiful hairstyles effrortlessly for desi wedding !!!
Her dresses by sania maskatiya on mayuon and nomi ansari for mehndi and shaddi are the bang she got styled by yelli and i loved the melodious voice of Rachel vicaji over it take a peak 
Sunsilk thick and long !!

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