Soap & Glory Sit Tight Body Firming Serum review and thoughts !!

Soap & glory sit tight itense Xs special super-strength body firming serum 
I have alot of cellulite problem on my hips and thighs for long time,i really wanted to get rid from them ,i also do my exercise as well for it but some times i get very skin of hip area is dumpy-bumpy and looks very odd to me,at my holiday tour to saudi i was moving in boots pharmacy so i thought why not give S&G sit tight a try,i read so many good reviews about it before, S&G renew the packaging of this product it came in simple tube first,it contains 125 ml of product,and packaging is quite good.serum smell is not so hard for me,the tube features 3 metal roller balls that are designed to massage the skin as the products is dispensed, as well as an on/off function so that you can carry on massaging the skin without any more product being dispensed .

I love this product so much, i've only been using this product for a few days,  it actually starts working after applying it, And i'm not kidding when i say i can feel it working.. holy burn! i feel warm and tingling on my butt and my lower legs ,and it feels like i'm sitting on really heated seat. It doesn't hurt at all, but just beware because it shocked me when i first applied it. 
I haven't seen actual results yet but i'm confident this will be worth.This has to be the ultimate solution for all lazy girls out there who want to rid themselves of unsightly cellulite.
*use it with healthy diet and regular exercise for better results  !!
With love

New Product Review | Glam Glow PowerMud Dual Cleanse Treatment

Glam glow
A mud-to-oil, gentle, deep cleansing treatment that removes the weekly buildup of dirt, oil, and makeup. 
the PowerMud uses an Oilixer, Claytox, Pureifier, and Teaoxi Velvet Leaf for a deep, yet gentle cleansing of the skin. This mask is great for getting deep down into your pores and cleaning out excess makeup and oils that your regular daily face wash leaves behind.
I'm a huge sucker of buying and trying different variety of skin care products , recently Glam glow launched there new mask which has infused with oil, as my skin is combination i have alot of problem of dry patches on my skin so i thought why not give it a try , i also used the glam glow super-mud clearing treatment(review soon )it was just superb for my skin & i loved it alot!!
  first let's take a look on the packaging ....!!

Its in fluorescent color packaging  which is adorable ..!!

OMG !! the welcome note :)

Ahhhh the beauty !!i'm loving the packaging, the bottle ,the color.

This is the same, pretty Glam glow packaging                  
Like most Glam Glow products, you can use them all over your face or just as a spot treatment. Apply a thin layer and let dry for about 10 minutes, it will start to become hard/tight feeling like most masks and then rinse with warm water. When you rinse, it transforms into an oil treatment which tones and nourishes your skin,the smell is like green appels very yummy. If you’ve ever used a Clarisonic brush, I would say that it’s a less intense version of that. It’s main purpose is to help remove weekly buildup.

It helped to calm some of my acne, while leaving my face extremely smooth and refreshed my skin feels less patchy as i just used it twice yet. I definitely recommend you try out all of the Glam Glow treatments, because everyone’s skin reacts differently to products. 
I ordered mine at SHOPAHOLIC its a FB page  shopping\retail (Shopaholic is a customer oriented business where you can buy famous brands in cosmetics, accessories, apparel, bath & body and home & living items. they bring imported products from USA and UAE)!! 
with love

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