ORGLOW Brightening mask Review...!!!


Hey guys today em gonna make a review for u on ORGLOW instant organic face brightening mask by SALINA cosmetics (for all skin types)
Its hand made and 100% natural .
After opening u can use it just for 6 months.
The product claims that it brightens , tightens and whitens ur skin...let us see does it really do the job what it claims...??

Its in normal white jar of plastic which is so handy i think for traveling as well cz its not gonna break , the stuff inside is in dry form which is totally sealed for hygiene purpose that's a good point...u only have to open the seal and mix it with 2 tbs of fresh yogurt and 2 drops of glycerin according  to instructions on the jar.
I used 1 and 1/2 tbsp of yogurt and 1/2 tbsp of fresh cream     and 2 drops of glycerin
I applied it on my face with my old foundation brush for even layer and waited for 10 min after it get dried i washed it with circular motions and O'my, my skin was glowing and so smooth like never before really it worked for i suffer from very dry skin and my skin is acne prone too but the results was amazing and i'm so happy,i must say u guys have to try it once ...!! 

                    U can buy it from here ORGLOW 

Note:This product was sent to me for PR review ,but my thoughts and my experience is 100% honest..!!

                              With love 

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